Happy Hump day everyone!

I thought I’d start a new series here on my blog, “The 411” and share with you some things about the makeup world I’ve learnt, that might help a few of you!

Clean brushes make a happy face. This is something I religiously live by, unlike my sister who has never EVER washed her makeup brushes! This can be really bad for your skin, think of the germs that are going to be living in that makeup jungle of a brush. The cakey brush will also make your makeup go on terribly, not to mention if you’re using eyeshadow you’re just going to get a brown smear of a colour as you’ve been mixing shades for months (or maybe years?!).

There are all these new fancy gadgets coming out claiming to wash your brushes and dry them in a matter of minutes, that’s great but I want money for makeup not cleaning products! So here’s my budget friendly way to clean brushes!

How to…

Dampen the brush bristles in some water.

-Apply a small amount of product to the brush; this can be shampoo, brush cleaner or my current favourite, Dove shower gel. I have tried the whole olive oil and washing up liquid method but could never get the parts quite right, finding they always felt oily and it played havoc with my skin!

Massage the product into the brush, swirl it around in the palm of your hand allowing the How to clean your makeup brushes- MAHALAinside of the brush to get clean.

Rinse the product out of the brush in warm water, you should be able to see all the nasty product go down the drain.

-If the brush is still looking dirty repeat with the product. This is normal, sometimes makeup just doesn’t want to leave!

Gently squeeze the water from the brush head and gently brush it on a (clean) towel to get the water out.

Leave the brush either upside down (I never do this as I don’t have a brush stand) or lay them flat to dry. This allows any excess water to come out rather than going down to the handle, which could cause rotting. I leave my brushes over night and then they are ready for me in the morning.

My tips…

-Put the product in a small tub/dish and swirl your brushes in it, it’s much easier and How to clean your makeup brushes- MAHALAquicker than gently dabbing product on each brush.

-Instead of using the palm of your hand try a brush egg, the different grooves help to really remove the makeup.

-Put the plug in the sink, it will save on water.

-The more often you wash your brushes the easier they are to clean in each session (less product to remove!).

What do you use to clean your brushes? Do you have any tips?- Be sure to comment to let me know!