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  1. I love their color selection (honestly, I think other brands definitely need to take note, because praise will always be given for that effort) and the price tag, but I find that it always dries out my under eye area. I’m still using it though, because it seems to last forever!!! I used it every day for 5 months straight to do my whole highlight/conceal routine and I’m still not through the tube! I have no clear how they do it!

    • I totally get what you mean about more companies need more shades, I am really pale so often have to miss out as the shades are too orange/tanned toned. Wow that’s amazing that it’s lasted so long for you!-Hope it does for me!

      • I mix it a tiny drop with concealer or foundation just before I apply it onto my face. Any carrier oil will do, I use Trilogy on my skin at night and just use this 😀 If you look on insta, or YouTube you’ll see lots of options and demo’s x


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