When it comes to eyeshadow you really need the right brushes to blend properly to avoid the dreaded grey/brown smudge you get from only ever using one brush. Different brushes provide different types of application, giving different levels of eyeshadow intensity. But having all these different types of brushes can really add up! img_4286

The BH Cosmetics Eye Essential 7 piece brush set (£14) is really amazing for the price. The black and gold brushes are cruelty free and look really chic. They pick up shadow easily and spread well across the lid. The blender brushes are really good, I feel they have upped my shadow game! I use the the small liner brush and the small angled liner brush often to apply different liner products I’m trying out to review, and haven’t found any flaws.

The brushes wash well, I only find that eyeliner is a bit difficult to remove although I have this problem in general with other brushes. I have only experienced a tiny bit of shedding from the blending brush (the black fluffy one), which is bit of a shame although considering the price I am still pretty happy with all of these brushes.

I’ve only recently been trying BH Cosmetics’ products and I have to say they haven’t disappointed me yet, if you’re looking for an affordable palette I definitely recommend Carli Bybel’s and if you want some lovely eye brushes that won’t break the bank you should give this set a go!

What are your favourite brushes? Do you love BH Cosmetics?- Be sure to comment to let me know!