No7 Perfect Superlight Foundation | Review

No7 Perfect Superlight Foundation | Review

Hey everyone, I hope going back to work and school hasn’t been too much of a shock to the system!

I’m a fan of  full coverage foundations, but I thought I’d give my skin a break when I came across the No7 Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation (Β£14.50) I’d gotten months ago which I’d forgotten about and left at my home away from university. This is considerably cheaper than my usual foundations, which are normally look quite luxe. This foundation is in a plastic container but still looks pretty sleek.

The nozzle lets the foundation come out easier and I just drip it onto my face. It suggests using your fingers or a sponge, I found that a sponge really soaked up the product, meaning I had to use quite a lot for a good coverage. Using a brush worked well and required less foundation.

It’s incredibly lightweight and feels like I have nothing on. This gives a lovely low to medium coverage, which slightly covers flaws. It is perfect for the day and the cooler weather. I did find when my skin was a bit drier it really emphasised it and went cakey on my forehead, which looked a bit minging. It also started to fade after five or so hours, which is disappointing.

I don’t recommend this foundation. It’s not great for those with drier skin or for those wanting a fuller coverage foundation to get a flawless long lasting effect. Overall this is an OK foundation, but I won’t be repurchasing it. There are better products out there around this price bracket.

Do you have a favourite lightweight foundation? Have you tried the No7 Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation?


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