PiggyMom Nose Pack | Review

I have been collecting sheet masks recently, as I’ve fallen in love with the packaging and how it hydrates my skin quickly without feeling thick and heavy like moisturiser. When I was in Tk Maxx I came across the PiggyMom SoakSoak Nose pack for £2.99, falling in love with the kawaii packaging.

Piggy Mom SoakSoak Nose Pack- MAHALAPiggy Mom SoakSoak Nose Pack- MAHALA

Step 1- You leave the wet nose strip on top of clean skin for 15-20 minutes. I felt a bit of tingling from the grapefruit at this step and was relieved when the time had finished.

Step 2- You put the generic nose strip on top of your wet nose from the previous strip and leave for 10-15 minutes. I found that it pulled up a lot of unpleasantness and got more of the rounded part of my nose which generic strips often don’t remove.-Perhaps step one helped with this?

Step 3- You put a slimy strip on for 10 minutes. I loved this step as it made my nose smooth and soft, which made makeup go on better the next day (I normally find foundation doesn’t sit too well on my nose!). With the generic pore strips, I get quite dry and my pores become enlarged, this step prevented this.Piggy Mom SoakSoak Nose Pack- MAHALA

I really liked this product, I felt the three steps gave a really nice finish and my nose looked clearer. It obviously didn’t remove everything and all the steps added up. So sit in front of the TV when you do this one!

Have you got a favourite product to remove black heads? Have you tried any PiggyMom products?- Be sure to comment to let me know!


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9 thoughts on “PiggyMom Nose Pack | Review

  1. I never even heard of this brand. Apparently alot of people been finding amazing things at TJ Maxx, sadly I must have the worst of luck.


    1. This was great for getting rid of nastiness from the nose, not too sure about products for the T zone area. Potentially a charcoal peel or mask might be something that might be useful xxx

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