The Royal Peach Palette

It definitely looks like Kylie Cosmetics have upped their game with their new palette The Royal Peach Palette, with the addition of elements which were missing from previous palettes. First off the packaging looks more luxe with the addition of a long mirror (which I always find handy), an eyeshadow brush and 3 additional shades (previous palettes only have 9 shades).

When Kylie was teasing us with the suggestion of a peach palette I was a bit disappointed and so were a lot of fans, accusing her of ripping off the beauty cult favourite The Sweet Peach Palette from Too Faced (which I have wanted for ages!). With the full reveal you can now see that the two palettes differ quite a lot when it comes down to the most important part… the shadows. I really like the look of The Royal Peach Palette and think it would be great for more vibrant looks, personally I think I’ll be getting the Too Faced palette as there are more shadows and a larger selection of peachy toned shades. I really do love the vibrant blue of Kylie’s palette and think overall it looks pretty good.

Kylie’s inspiration for this new palette comes from her memorable peachy look from the summer, which I fell in love with causing me to get the lip kit Dirty Peach !

The Royal Peach Palette will retail for $45 only on Kylie Cosmetics official site on January 12th at 3pm PST.

What do you think of The Royal Peach Palette? Do you prefer the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette?- Be sure to comment to let me know!

*Disclaimer- I do not own the rights to some of the photos in this post, they are owned by Kylie Cosmetics and Too Faced.


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16 thoughts on “The Royal Peach Palette

  1. I like some of the shades in Kylie’s palette but I cannot get over that blue!! I feel like the blue stands out so so so much, it doesn’t look all that “right” in the palette. I’m sure some makeup expert can make it work but I know I personally cannot lol. Lovely shades though, I’m excited to see what’s next!

      1. Oh yes! That’s how much of my makeup looks end up whenever I try to practice! I blend blend blend like they say in the tutorials and then I end up with a weird brown color.

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