A few months ago, a few of you beauty enthusiasts out there recommended I check out my local TK Maxx for discounted beauty finds. There was a large selection in-store although, a lot of it was opened and swatched. If you know me, you’ll know I hate sharing drinks and I’m bit of a germaphobe. Used makeup is a big No NO for me, and it should be for everyone as germs and serious diseases (like herpes!!) can be transferred through used makeup. I saw a lot of products I would have gotten if they hadn’t been open, oh well my card had a break!

TK Maxx Sheet Masks?!- MAHALA

I picked up a few relatively cheap sheet masks from Asia. I’ve heard a lot about sheet masks recently from the beauty world, previously I’d only ever used peel off masks so I was intrigued about what everyone was raving about.

From my two experiences (so far) I have to say I am a sheet mask convert! Being near the sea my skin can become dry from the harsh winds and these masks really moisturise and tighten the face. They are a bit annoying to keep on, as they slip slightly.- That’s their only downfall. Whatever serum is left in the packet, I put all over my body and it really nourished my skin. The penguin mask was printed and let’s just say it is pretty terrifying when it’s on, I haven’t included a picture as I’ll let you see for yourself when you try it out.

I LOVE these masks and will be picking up more soon!

Do you have any favourite Asian beauty products you’d recommend? Do you love sheet masks?- Be sure to comment to let me know!