TK Maxx Sheet Masks?!

A few months ago, a few of you beauty enthusiasts out there recommended I check out my local TK Maxx for discounted beauty finds. There was a large selection in-store although, a lot of it was opened and swatched. If you know me, you’ll know I hate sharing drinks and I’m bit of a germaphobe. Used makeup is a big No NO for me, and it should be for everyone as germs and serious diseases (like herpes!!) can be transferred through used makeup. I saw a lot of products I would have gotten if they hadn’t been open, oh well my card had a break!

TK Maxx Sheet Masks?!- MAHALA

I picked up a few relatively cheap sheet masks from Asia. I’ve heard a lot about sheet masks recently from the beauty world, previously I’d only ever used peel off masks so I was intrigued about what everyone was raving about.

From my two experiences (so far) I have to say I am a sheet mask convert! Being near the sea my skin can become dry from the harsh winds and these masks really moisturise and tighten the face. They are a bit annoying to keep on, as they slip slightly.- That’s their only downfall. Whatever serum is left in the packet, I put all over my body and it really nourished my skin. The penguin mask was printed and let’s just say it is pretty terrifying when it’s on, I haven’t included a picture as I’ll let you see for yourself when you try it out.

I LOVE these masks and will be picking up more soon!

Do you have any favourite Asian beauty products you’d recommend? Do you love sheet masks?- Be sure to comment to let me know!

10 thoughts on “TK Maxx Sheet Masks?!

  1. I’m on a huge Korean beauty kick right now and have yet to venture into the array of sheet masks (I’ve only ever used one sheet mask in general before), though I am currently enjoying the Tony Moly Banana Cream Cleanser, so I’m definitely going to have to give the sheet mask from the brand a try! Also, if you’re into trying the wildest Korean mask I’ve ever used, I’d recommend the Elizavecca Bubble Clay Mask!

    1. Ooh both of those sound good, I’m going to have to try them out! There’s so many Korean products on Amazon I want to get! They all look so cute :p

  2. I love a sheet mask, they’re perfect for travelling because they’re disposable and hardly take up any room. I’m a bit wary about using new brands cause I have quite dry/sensitive skin. TK Maxx is always a treasure trove of skincare and beauty finds!

    1. I’ve never thought about taking them when I travel, I will have to do that now! I totally get what you mean about using new brands, I always check the ingredients as some of them are a bit sketchy like “crushed snail” and “alcohol”! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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