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  1. I’m on a huge Korean beauty kick right now and have yet to venture into the array of sheet masks (I’ve only ever used one sheet mask in general before), though I am currently enjoying the Tony Moly Banana Cream Cleanser, so I’m definitely going to have to give the sheet mask from the brand a try! Also, if you’re into trying the wildest Korean mask I’ve ever used, I’d recommend the Elizavecca Bubble Clay Mask!

    • Ooh both of those sound good, I’m going to have to try them out! There’s so many Korean products on Amazon I want to get! They all look so cute :p

  2. I love a sheet mask, they’re perfect for travelling because they’re disposable and hardly take up any room. I’m a bit wary about using new brands cause I have quite dry/sensitive skin. TK Maxx is always a treasure trove of skincare and beauty finds!

    • I’ve never thought about taking them when I travel, I will have to do that now! I totally get what you mean about using new brands, I always check the ingredients as some of them are a bit sketchy like “crushed snail” and “alcohol”! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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