Budget vs High End | Liquid Lipstick

Budget vs High End | Liquid Lipstick

I love the Lip Kits from Kylie Cosmetics , but getting them to me in the UK can be a nightmare. I decided to try out the NYX Lingerie collection as I had heard a lot of hype around them and I want to find a more budget friendly alternative to Kylie Cosmetics.

When I went to Boots to pick up the NYX lipstick, I tried to get a shade which was similar to my favourite all time lipstick, Candy K from Kylie Cosmetics. I stupidly didn’t bring Candy K to compare swatches so I picked up Push Up hoping for the best, they aren’t identical but similar. [Push Up (Top), Candy K (Bottom)]

High End

Candy K ($29/ Β£23) as a Lip Kit comes with the liquid lipstick and a creamy lip pencil. You can also buy them separately, but I always buy the kit as I love the liner. The lipsticks from this company smell like vanilla cupcakes and are super creamy applying opaque onto the lips. They dry quickly and are long lasting.

I love the packaging and the overall finish of the lipstick. Candy K will last 4 hours without liner and 6 with liner, on me.

Budget vs High End, Liquid Lipsticks- MAHALA


When I first used Push Up ($7/ Β£6.50) I was a bit disappointed with the applicator, as it’s a long flat doe applicator which isn’t the easiest to use. The product has a slight synthetic smell which isn’t too overpowering and it soon fades. The formula is thicker and more moose like than Kylie Cosmetics, feeling light and soft on the lips. The coverage is full from one swipe as it is beautifully pigmented. It dries quickly, but remains tacky causing the lips to stick together.

I like the packaging, it’s stylish and modern. Push Up will normally last about 2 hours on me.


I think Push up is a nice lipstick, you can easily work around the applicator and it’s smell. However, I’m disappointed with it feeling tacky. I think it is OK as an everyday lipstick, but I will not be reaching for it for nights out or important occasions. The winner is Candy K as it doesn’t make the lips stick together and it lasts longer.

Do you have a favourite brand of liquid lipstick? What do you think of the brands I’ve tried?- Be sure to comment to let me know!


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11 thoughts on “Budget vs High End | Liquid Lipstick

  1. thanks for the review! I was goint to pick up some NYX liquid lipstick because I absolutely love that brand. I struggle with liquid lipstick and havent been able to find one i would die for. I think I have to bite the bullet and spend the money on the Kylie Cosmetics lip kit. I love her and Ive heard such good things about the brand. Thanks again!

    1. I’m glad you found it useful! I do really love the Lip Kits, except for Kourt K which is patchy! If you love her and lipstick, I’d definitely recommend them! If you aren’t in the US it can be a bit of pain to get them though. πŸ˜›

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