Somehow I managed to not spend anything during the Black Friday sales, it took a lot of restraint! There were some great discounts though, especially in the beauty world. What things did you pick up from the sales? I didn’t know whether to talk about this lipstick today as it was limited edition, but since I’m talking mainly about MAC’s creme amplified formula which is always available I thought I’d publish this post…

Goodbye Kiss | MAC- MAHALA

I’m pretty late into the makeup game, owning my first MAC product at the age of 21. I used to scroll through the website staring at the vast shades available, does anyone else do this? Goodbye Kiss was my first ever MAC lipstick, which came in a Christmas set last year. It is beautifully creamy and pigmented giving a very opaque coverage. Goodbye Kiss | MAC- MAHALA

Every time I put this lipstick on ten minutes later I’m taking it off, I just don’t feel comfortable in this bright pink lipstick. I don’t think it is particularly flattering on my pale skin and it just isn’t me. Apart from that I love the formula of this amplified creme lipstick, I will definitely be picking up another lipstick in a different shade. I also love the packaging, I really like limited edition packaging. The ones for the Mariah Carey collaboration look amazing!

If you want a smooth, pigmented lipstick which is creamy and doesn’t dry matte, I would definitely recommend a MAC amplified creme lipstick.

What lipstick do you own but never wear? What did you pick up in the sales?- Be sure to comment to let me know!


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