I love gel nails they give glossy long wearing coverage which stops me from my nail biting habits! Getting your nails done in the salon can be quite pricey, so I’m so thankful I have the Sensational kit to do my own glossy nails in the comfort of my own home. (I know my nails look teeny! I have baby hand!)

Gel Nails- MAHALA

The main problem with gel nails is getting them off. I’ve never had them removed in the salon, as a student I can’t really justify spending money on gel removal. I know this is terrible for your nails but I almost always peel them off. I’ve tried the little foil covers you soak in acetone and just found it annoying, the little foil covers kept falling off and it didn’t help remove any gel nail. So I just ended up picking it off anyway!

Gel Polish Remover Kit- MAHALA

When Stylfile sent me the Gel Polish Remover Kit* (£16.99), I was really excited to try it and see if it would make the gel removal easier whilst not damaging my nails.

Gel Polish Remover Kit- MAHALAThe kit includes:

-Zebra S-file

-Gel polish remover solution

-5x Gel remover clips

-3x Manicure sticks

-Cuticle oil

-4 way buffer file

I really like the file being S-shaped, it definitely made filing easier. The clips securely kept the gel polish remover on the cotton wool to the nail, actually pressing it on to the polish without feeling uncomfortable. I found with the foil covers, they would just touch so the acetone didn’t really penetrate into the gel.

After 10-15 minutes (I think, I got distracted by YouTube!) I used a manicure stick to lightly remove the polish and it flaked off immediately. I then used the 4 way buffer file which left my nails really smooth, not leaving me with the horrible ridges you get if you pick it off! The tiny drops of cuticle oil makes the nail feel even smoother and was well needed for my weather beaten cuticles.

I think this set is great, it has everything you need to successfully remove gel nail polish. However, I really dislike the packaging, feeling it lets down the product. The bright pink with the swirls and ladybirds look a bit naff and makes me think of beauty products in Poundland.

The product has recently been nominated for several beauty awards and I can see why!

Use the promotional code GEL25 at www.stylfile.com checkout for 25% off all Stylfile Gel products. Expires 31/12/16.

*I was kindly gifted this kit in exchange for an honest review. All opinions in this post are entirely my own!


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