If you order from Kylie Cosmetics on a launch date then you’ll most definitely have dealt with her queue system. Like normal queues you’d think yes, I got on to the site a minute past release I am getting these Lip Kits. Logic right?

Kylie Cosmetics- MAHALA

Whenever I order from the site I go on several devices, the most being five! Surely whatever device goes into the queue first will be the first one to get through to the payment section and then to securing your products. On all the occasions I have ordered, I have found this is not the case.


Like. Literally. So much demand.

When ordering on the release date for the Holiday products (a few hours before writing this!), I had four tabs open (2 on the computer, 1 on my laptop and 1 on my bf’s laptop). All of which were in queue by one minute past launch. Being in the line for ten minutes got me anxious, so I then went on the iPad and got in the queue. -Which went through to payment after about two minutes!

This shows the system is totally flawed, with those customers who have been in queue early missing out on what they want. I definitely recommend using several devices and going on to the site at different times. And yes, if you are in the queue half an hour; you might as well refresh!


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