Happy Wednesday everyone! I had planned to post yesterday, but I spent more time than I had wanted in the minor injuries unit with a poorly ankle. Luckily it’s just sprained in two areas. This will teach me not to text and walk round my house, as I fell down the stairs!

I got a notification for my blog being a year old yesterday, technically this is true. I have had this corner of the internet for a year, but it took me four months to get the courage to actually post. I love blogging so I’m so happy I finally found it in me to write. I remember being so scared about what other people thought, and yes there has been some negativity towards my blog, in regards to content (commonly Kylie Cosmetics and customs!), but in all I find the whole experience has been really positive and character building. I’ve also become obsessed with makeup, rather than fashion which this blog was originally set up for.-Shows we can change!

7 Things I do since becoming a makeup addict

-Scroll through makeup sites just to browse. I like seeing what’s new and what I want to add to my collection. I always have makeup tabs open!

-Exfoliate. I do this once to twice a week to removed old makeup and dead skin.

-Put my makeup on with brushes. Before I started this blog I had only ever put my foundation on with my fingers, this makes me cringe! And when it came to eyeshadow I put it on with the horrid foam applicators.

-Shape my brows. I used to pluck, but now I also trim the hair to make it look more precise and fill them in. I’m so happy I started doing this, I definitely think my brows look so much better!

-Wear lipstick during the day. I had never done this, as makeup kind of scared me. Now I feel pretty lost without a lipstick or gloss on.

-My whole makeup routine is different. I never primed, concealed or contoured. I just wore foundation, eyeliner and mascara.- Oh and the occasional badly applied eyeshadow and purple lipstick.

-Take more selfies. I’ve really become more confident in myself, I think it’s a combination of getting out there blogging and being abled to express myself through makeup.

Is there anything you do differently now since you’ve started to love makeup? What posts do you want to see next?- Be sure to comment to let me know!


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