If you are a fan of a nude lip then you’ll probably heard of or even have the shade Velvet Teddy by MAC. With the weather turning cooler I wanted to go for a “normal” lipstick opposed to my normal go to liquid matte lipstick as they can be a little drying sometimes to the lips. When I was browsing at MAC, which I find to be the unfriendliest place on earth, even more so if you rock up there in your Nike’s and a bare face.-Anyone else experience this, or is it just me?! I came across the gorgeous shade Patisserie, forgetting all about Velvet Teddy.

Patisserie | MAC- MAHALA

Patisserie | MAC- MAHALAA beautiful lustre nude, giving a pretty sheer glimmer to the lips rather than just one flat heavy colour. I think this is perfect for the cooler months. I don’t feel that it’s a long lasting colour, but it does fade gracefully so I’m not too fussed. I can just reapply when it needs a touch up. [Sorry the swatch picture isn’t the best, there just isn’t any sunlight here in Plymouth!]-I know the teenage me obsessed with Twilight would have loved that, but it is pretty gloomy!

On another note, please tell me I’m not the only one who saw Dream Kardashian trending on Twitter and thought it was a new lip kit shade?!

What’s your go to autumn lipstick shade? What do you think of Rob and Chyna’s choice of name?- Be sure to let me know in the comments!


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