Since I still have the flu or something like that, I haven’t used any makeup in the last week as I don’t want it covered in germs. So I’ve been trying to use some beauty products to help me feel a bit better. My boyfriend’s mother kindly gave me the Flowers Bath Foamer Decanter (£18) from The White Company. The first thing I thought when I felt this, was wow this is heavy. The glass bottle is really pretty and looks nice in the bathroom, considering it’s pretty pricey I want it to look good!

The first time I used this foamer it made six inches of bubbles in the bath, which was AMAZING! You definitely need to put the product in quickly as you start your bath, to let the product be frothed and thrashed around. I added it in later the second time and the bubble production was very mediocre compared to the first experience. After five to ten minutes like all bath foamers the bubbles do start to fade.

Considering my nose is pretty blocked up and I still got a sweet floral fragrance, made up of rose, lavender, jasmine and geranium.-So it must be quite strong for me to be able to experience it in my current state! The product contains Vitamin E to help moisturise and repair the skin, although I personally didn’t feel any effects.

Is it worth the money? Hmmm, I’m torn as I like it but I’m a poor student! Let’s say if I had the money I would buy it again as it’s nice to have a bath product which foams so much and looks really nice. If you think about it in terms of buying a bubble bar from Lush, this is more economical as you can probably get 10+ uses with the Flowers Bath Foamer where as with a bath bomb or bubble bar you get one use for the price of £2.99-£5.

Have you tried this product? Is it too much for a bath foamer?- Let me know in the comments!


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