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Hey everyone, I’m writing this at five in the morning as my sore throat/chest has gotten painful and my boyfriend is snoring. Since I’m just lying there going out my mind, I thought I’d share with you the new Kylie Cosmetics announcement as I love the company and I know a lot of you out there do too!

The Koko Kollection- MAHALA

So before I went to bed Kylie did the big reveal like she has done recently, on her snapchat with swatches etc. The new line, The Koko Kollection is in collaboration with big sister Khloe Kardashian. The gold packaging definitely looks different to the normal and the last gold packaging for the birthday collection, with the drips still being present as cut outs exposing the product. Personally I really love the packaging, I think it is super cute and would really stand out in my makeup collection.

The collection comes with three matte liquid lipsticks and one gloss, which would normally sell for $66 on the site, but the bundle is retailing for a cheaper $40.

The shade Gorg is a deep burgundy colour, somewhere in-between Leo and Kourt K. Kylie’s favourite of the collection is Okurrr, a similar but more vibrant shade compared to Kristen. Out of the four lip products this is the shade which I’m not that keen on, it’s just too bright for my personal taste.

Damn Gina is a stunning pink glitter gloss, which looks quite pigmented in photos. I love the gloss formula as it hydrates the lips whilst making your lips incredibly plump. Another favourite of mine of is Khlo$ a beautiful nude with pink undertones.

The collection will be out November 9th at 3pm PST. 

Please PLEASE only buy the products from the official website (, as I have had followers who have been deeply disappointed when they received a fake. There are a lot of reasons why a fake isn’t worth your time, of which I have already discussed previously. The main point is that the fake may contain harmful and unsanitary ingredients which could be really harmful, after all you are applying it to your lips! The internet can be a shady place and there is always someone out there looking to make money from eager makeup addicts, to be safe always buy from the official site!
Primark Oval Brush- MAHALA

Do you think you’ll be getting The Koko Collection? What’s your favourite shade?- Be sure to comment to let me know!

Disclaimer- I do not own the rights to the images of The Koko Kollection.

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