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Hey everyone, I was going to do an autumn makeup look today but honestly I haven’t been very well this week so I’ll have that up for you guys next week. Instead here’s a review for you!

If you wear makeup daily you’ll know you need to have a lot of face brushes so you have a clean(ish) one to use every morning, for great coverage and of course good hygiene. That’s why I’m always on the hunt for new foundation brushes as I only clean my brushes once a week and will only use a brush once or a couple times.

I really wanted to get an oval brush, as I’m a student the ones the MUAs use really isn’t something I can afford! Looking for budget friendly options, I picked up the PS…Pro Oval Brush (£4) from Primark and put it to the test. It feels quite nice on the skin, not too stiff which I was worried about. I haven’t experienced any fall out and as makeup brushes go it cleans really easily.

When I use it for liquid foundation, the thin plastic neck feels quite flimsy, so I am scared of it breaking.- A delicate hand needs to be used! When it comes to coverage, I wear mainly full coverage foundations and I felt that the brush dragged the product making the coverage a bit patchy.- Definitely not what a girl wants!

Will I get it again?- No. Overall I think this brush is OK for the money. It’s my least favourite foundation brush mainly as the coverage it gives isn’t the best. I have ASDA own brand brushes which I think are way better than this.

Have you tried out this brush, what did you think? Do you have any budget brushes you’d recommend?- Be sure to comment to let me know!

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16 thoughts on “Budget Oval Brush | Review

    1. The last few weeks I’ve actually gone back to this brush and found I’ve mastered how to use it and absolutely love it! What brand of oval brushes are you using? Think I want to try some more out. xx

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