Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Happy Halloween everyone! Growing up in America and then moving to England where Halloween was a bit meh, has meant I haven’t really celebrated the holiday. However, I am really doing all the traditions this year.- Except trick or treating! I’ll leave that to the kids.

Since I’m very last minute with everything, including getting a dress the day before my graduation! I thought I’d share some of my last minute tips, you could do if you’ve just decided to join in the fun.

1.) Carve a pumpkin.

This is the tradition I’ve done every single year, except two years ago when I had to carve a melon as they were sold out! The melon still looked OK, considering my carving skills aren’t the best!- Take a look at my dodge cat pumpkin!

2.) Spooky jelly shots, literally!?

Everyone loves a vodka jelly shot at a part or even pre-drinks, why not go a bit more gross with fake syringes? It makes eating them more fun and actually easier! Just suck up the jelly vodka mix with the syringe and keep in the fridge. Due the suction they don’t spill out.

3.) Face paint. Sugar Skull- MAHALA

I didn’t get a costume this year and decided to use clothes I already have to be a sort of grunge skull thing. You can pick up face paint from most places (they weren’t sold out today) and be whatever your heart desires. A couple of years ago I went as a sugar skull and it was so much full going over the top with face paint, I definitely recommend it.

4.) Fake blood.

Splatter fake blood on your face, old clothes and there’s a look. Vampire, zombie, murder; you can be anything!

5.) Want to go glam?

Go for a smokey eye and vampy lipstick in a plum, red or black. Then pair it with my favourite colour to wear, black!

6.) Rip some tights.

For some reason ripped tights scream Halloween.

7.) Want to fit in?

Dress as Harley Quinn and no one will be able to spot you from the crowd.

I know number 7 isn’t a last minute tip but I couldn’t resist! Since I’m so last minute I’m now off to get my outfit ready and carve my pumpkins.

What are your plans for Halloween? What are you dressing up as?- Be sure to comment to let me know!


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