Yay it’s the weekend! Sorry about the late post, life has been a bit hectic ATM. Here’s another beauty and bath post, I have some makeup reviews coming up for you guys, I just need some nice weather to take pictures!

Holiday Bath Bombs- MAHALA

With it being Halloween in a few days I popped round to Lush to see the seasonal products. I must admit some of the the pieces looked pretty damaged, I guess this is the hazard with having handmade items out for everyone to touch! I did come across my all time favourite bath bomb, Golden Wonder (£4.25) which is only around for autumn/winter.

It is super sparkly, leaving gold glitter on everything it touches, including my bath tub after I drained the water! Don’t worry this quickly washes off. Out of the all the bombs I’ve used this one really fizzed for a long time, turning the water a beautiful lagoon colour. I really do feel like a mermaid in this bath, with tiny orbs of orange, yellow and pink fizzing slowly.

Back to Halloween, I picked up this cute jack-o-lantern bath bomb. Pumpkin (£3.95) smells of vanilla and cinnamon, and makes the bath water an incredibly bright orange.- I thought I was bathing in Tango! This bath bomb was nice, if I had to recommend one I definitely say you should get Golden Wonder while it is still available, I know I’ll be getting more! H&M Rose Reverie Body Scrub- MAHALA

Do you have a favourite bath bomb you would recommend? What are you dressing up as for Halloween?- Be sure to comment as I need some inspiration!

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