I love the H&M face masks, so I thought I’d pick some more up and try out some of H&M’s other beauty products. While I was in-store, the Watermelon and Kiwi mask I was purchasing was recalled at the till, which was slightly worrying… I’m not quite sure what the fault was, maybe a complaint or a bad reaction?! Anyway I have a mega problem with red bumps on my legs from any sort of hair removal, potentially being folliculitis?  Recently, I had read exfoliating can prevent this. I picked up the Rose Reverie Body Scrub (£3.99) and gave it a go.

Compared to previous scrubs I’ve tried over the years, this one is definitely more gentle to the skin. I think this might be due to the recent ban on plastic beads from exfoliating H&M Rose Reverie Body Scrub- MAHALAproducts in the UK, as they can cause drainage problems. This scrub is made of rice and olive granules,  a natural biodegradable product, giving a gentler buff to the body. The rose and magnolia scent isn’t too overpowering and for the price I’m pretty pleased with this product.

The ultimate question- did the bumps go? Yes! I exfoliated the day before I shaved and I didn’t have any bumps the following days. My whole body felt soft and smooth, and I’ve incorporated it into my normal beauty routine. I will definitely be trying out more of the beauty products from H&M!

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