The Burgundy Palette

If I’m honest with you, I was not impressed with the arrival of The Bronze Palette to the Kylie Cosmetics line. Mainly as it really wasn’t anything special or new on the eyeshadow palette scene. So I wasn’t holding out for the announcement of the next Kyshadow palette. When I did see the images which were being released, I must admit it made me lust for some of the gorgeous shades from The Burgundy Palette.

My favourite shades are the matte and metallic burgundies as they really pop and I currently don’t own anything like those beautiful shades. However, I do feel from looking at the pictures, I already own very similar shades to the copper and gold eyeshadows. On a whole, I think the selection is a bit more exciting compared to The Bronze Palette.

The Burgundy Palette- MAHALA

Dirty Peach- MAHALAHave you got The Bronze Palette, what do you think of it? Will you be getting The Burgundy Palette?- Be sure to comment to let me know!

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Disclaimer- I do not own the rights to the images of the palettes.





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5 thoughts on “The Burgundy Palette

      1. Oh no! That would be absolutely awful if it did end up broken. Such a waste of money that would be. Maybe you’ll find something like it around where you live, you never know!

        P.S. So jealous you live in England, I’ve always wanted to go 🙂


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