Hey everyone, sorry for the break in posts! I went away this weekend and have had tonnes of writing for my course, this blog is a hobby of mine so sadly I have to put it lower on the list of priorities. I’m trying to schedule posts more so there won’t be a gap!


Since I’m on a budget and I love trying new beauty products out, sometimes getting new products ends in disappointment.- The shades wrong, it’s not a good match for my skin type or the product is just pants! By getting a sample you get to try it out before you splash the cash. I also love things in mini so I’m a big fan of samples!

Where can you get samples?

-Companies like Estēe Lauder often advertise coupons on their website, you can download them to your phone and show them at your nearest beauty counter to claim you FREE sample. When I come across samples I post them on my Twitter, so be sure to follow if you wants some deals!

Twitter- MAHALA

-You can get samples from beauty counters, they sometimes hand them out or you could ask.-What’s the worst that can happen, they say no?

-Some makeup brands sell sample sizes, like AVON. You can get several uses out of them and it allows you to try out a bunch of different shades to see what one you prefer.

Feel Unique lets you choose 5 samples a month to try and you just have to pay for the postage, which the value can be deducted from your next purchase.

Subscription boxes! I really have mixed feelings about these, you can get some really rubbish tiny products in these. Although I have had some amazing samples which I have wanted to get the full versions of. This is a pricier option, but it’s nice getting this box once a month when life is getting you down.

Where else can you pick up samples?- Let me know in the comments below!