Dirty Peach Review | Kylie Cosmetics

Dirty Peach Review | Kylie Cosmetics

Yay! If you checked out my Makeup Wish List a few weeks ago you’ll already know I am nuts over peach, so the second I saw the new(ish) Kylie Lip Kit Dirty Peach my heart yearned to own it. Now I have it!

Like all the Lip Kits I have tried, the lip pencil is creamy and pigmented, a dream to put on. The lipstick itself feels slightly thinner to previous Lip Kits I have reviewed, I believe this is due to the company constantly making improvements to their products. The lipstick smells like vanilla cupcakes, feeling soft and light on the lips. The formula dries quickly leaving a beautiful flat matte finish.

Dirty Peach- MAHALA


At first I was sad that the applicator has been changed as I thought I preferred the fluffy applicator on the original Lip Kits rather than the smaller less fluffy applicator on Dirty Peach. Well I was wrong! The new applicator allows for a more precise application which would have been handy when I was a makeup newbie months ago.

Before mine arrived I’d read that this new shade is Kylie’s current favourite, even though it’s meant to be the hardest one to pull off as it’s full on in your face. I was like great I’m not gonna be able to pull it off! I love this shade, it’s something different to what I normally wear whether I pull it off or not, I’ll let you be the judge!

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    1. Hi thanks for reading. I’m in the UK and I order from the original Kylie Cosmetics website as eBay, Amazon etc. often sell fakes. The problem with buying from the US is that there is a chance of having to pay Custom fees to the UK post office in order to receive your parcel.

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