A Filter is Not a Makeup Look

A Filter is Not a Makeup Look

Happy Sunday, everyone! I have accounts on different social media (you can follow me down below via the icons- shameless plug!), of which a lot I mean A LOT of women have been posting pictures of themselves with a Snapchat filter saying ‘my makeup’ or ‘makeup of the day’. Originally I thought it was done ironically like, yeah I feel like a chic with a butterfly crown today. Except some people are putting a full face of makeup on, listing the products and then covering their masterpiece with a Snapchat filter. This changes the makeup and sort of voids the whole point of posting the image. So I decided to do a little experiment…

Left- Taken using the Default Camera App on an iPhone 5S, Right- Taken on Snapchat without a filter

I have just re-downloaded Snapchat as I have a new phone with more storage so I thought I’d check the filters out. They are fun to use, some alter the size and colour of certain features, others turn you into an animal etc. The dog filter shows the lips and eyes fine, so I can understand using this one (sort of), where as the gold butterfly filter has changed me completely (compare it to the two pictures at the top), this is the one I see people using all the time! I’ll definitely use pictures with filters as they are fun, although for my blog and showing makeup looks to the best of their true colour and finish, I will go filter free using the default camera app.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on these women, I just find it bizarre to constantly post pictures with the sole purpose of showing your makeup look, to even show off brands and shades, which has been warped by the filter!
Beauty Favourites- MAHALA

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9 thoughts on “A Filter is Not a Makeup Look

  1. I love snapchat but I agree with you, it’s annoying when people use the filters and say like that. I use the skull filters they have and be like “I woke up like this” or a before and after photo just for fun you know

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