Hi everyone, happy Sunday! As promised in my last post, here’s a review. Sorry for the delay, life has been quite hectic at the moment, I’m looking forward to having a routine when university starts this week.


Contouring is one of the biggest makeup trends at the moment, it’s when you highlight and darken areas to alter the appearance of your face shape. I contour most days as I like achieving a flawless sculpted look as I have big cheeks so feel I look like a potato if I don’t contour! The last nine months I’ve progressed from powder to cream contour, and I thought I’d try out the liquid method, in the form of NYX’s Sculpt & Highlight Face Duo (£9).

I was worried that the colours wouldn’t be the right tone, as I have found in the cream contour kits there are too many yellowy toned shades which make me look odd or they are just mega too dark. I was pleasantly surprised that the shades are a good match for my pale skin, I picked up the shade Ivory.

By following the picture suggestion on the box using lines, I found that it was a bit too pronounced than I would like, instead of lines I find dotting is a much better solution for me. I prefer this product considerably more than cream contour which I found would on occasion make my skin feel heavy and oily. Sorry the selfies aren’t the best, I’m trying to show my face more on my blog to get over my silly anxiety of showing me! Hopefully over time my face will start to do what I want in photos!

NYX Sculpt & Highlight- MAHALA

This dual ended contour stick has applicator wands like a liquid lipstick, making contouring quick and easy. The only flaw I’ve noticed is that it has a bizarre synthetic smell, not unpleasant just a bit weird. This soon fades when you blend it in.

Ultimately, will I get this again? Yes, this is my favourite contour product I’ve used so far; it blends nicely and doesn’t make my skin oily. Oh and I’m not wasting product as both shades work well for me! NYX Liquid Illuminator- MAHALA

Have you tried NYX’s Sculpt & Highlight, what do you think? Have you got a favourite contour product?- Be sure to comment to let me know!

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