Thursday is my graduation and I still haven’t got my dress!-Cutting it close I know! I’ve looked in all the stores had four orders and still the dresses don’t seem to be right. I have four dresses coming tomorrow, fingers crossed that at least one looks alright! That means I will have ordered a grand sum of eight dresses. Since I’ve been frantically trying to find a dress I haven’t had anytime for blogging, which has really bummed me out. I did have a post all lined up for you, except I started to insert the photos and I was like ermmm… somethings wrong. I was wearing a Bardot dress so I look nude in the photos, I think the photos need to be retaken!

Excuses out of the way, there will be a contour review coming up this weekend, I promise! I’d just like to thank everyone for all the support you’ve given to my blog and in turn to me, it really means a lot!

Have a wonderful week everyone.

Mahala x

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