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  1. I purchased this exact highlighter a few weeks ago and have had better experiences. I apply it by dabbing/dotting it using my fingers and it kind of just melts into my foundation. I wear a pretty light coverage foundation, so maybe that has to do with why I haven’t had the issue of it muddling up my face underneath the highlighter. If you want a more intense highlight, dabbing it on with a beauty blender will really build up the product and still give you an airbrushed look!

    • I live in the UK so there isn’t a Sephora near me 🙁 When I get a job think I’ll have to get some bits sent over, everyone raves about their products. 😛 Thanks! xx

  2. I’ve never used this before, but I know my roommate does! Your review of it reminds me of the elf shimmering facial whip, where it’s hard to blend evenly into your foundation. Sometimes I find with those things, it’s just easier to apply it to your face before foundation for a more subtle glow or just mix it into your foundation ahead of time for an all over type of glow. I usually just go with a powder highlight though, because I don’t really like it when products are kind of fussy.

    • Thanks for your tips, I’ll give them a go. I know what you mean, sometimes fussy products aren’t worth it! Think I’ll head back to a powder highlight.


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