Born to Glow ☼ Liquid Illuminator | Review

Born to Glow ☼ Liquid Illuminator | Review

I’m the queen of swatching when it comes to makeup shopping, I rarely buy something without doing a swatch first. I fell in love with the beautiful glittery swatch of the Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator (£7) from NYX in the shade Sunbeam, coming out peachy but drying to a pretty silver/ champagne finish. Out of all the products I picked up from NYX in my last shop this one was the one I wasn’t too certain about, purely as I haven’t used a liquid highlighter in my beauty routine before.

Honestly, I wasn’t too sure how to apply it! After a little help from the queen of highlight NikkieTutorials, I tried two different methods the last week or so. 1.) Dotting it on areas where I would normally apply my powder highlight and gently blend it with my finger. 2.) Put the highlighter on the length of my finger and blending it in.

I found the formula would slightly lift the foundation coverage, making it uneven. After experimenting with buffing it slightly with brushes, it still didn’t sit flawlessly with my foundation. Which is annoying as I had spent ages on my foundation and contour for it to then be ruined! I have a liquid bronzer (more of a golden highlight), Sun Beam (£19.50) from Benefit which glides on easily and evenly. The formula seems a touch thicker than the highlight which might explain why this product glides on more evenly. The product also has a tiny brush which spreads the bronzer on which is so useful!

Anyway back to the highlighter! After wearing it for a few hours I found that it would in a way crackle slightly and fade to a white. Personally I feel I applied a normal amount for a natural-ish glow, I therefore don’t think it’s happened due to having too much product.


I’m kind of bummed when it comes to the NYX products I got recently, I wasn’t amazed with the HD Studio Finishing Powder as it would show up on my pale complexion as my skin wasn’t oily enough. Now I’m kind of meh with this highlighter, it’s not terrible but it’s in no way great. Would I buy it again?– No, there’s definitely better highlighters out there! However, I do love the Tame & Frame tinted brow pomade and the Sculpt & Highlight Face Duo.

Have you tried out this highlighter, have you had a better experience? Do you have a highlighter you would recommend?- Be sure to comment to let me know.


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22 thoughts on “Born to Glow ☼ Liquid Illuminator | Review

  1. I purchased this exact highlighter a few weeks ago and have had better experiences. I apply it by dabbing/dotting it using my fingers and it kind of just melts into my foundation. I wear a pretty light coverage foundation, so maybe that has to do with why I haven’t had the issue of it muddling up my face underneath the highlighter. If you want a more intense highlight, dabbing it on with a beauty blender will really build up the product and still give you an airbrushed look!

    1. Thanks for your tips, I’ll have to give them a go! I did have a fuller coverage foundation on when I wore this so that might have contributed to my problem.

    1. I live in the UK so there isn’t a Sephora near me 🙁 When I get a job think I’ll have to get some bits sent over, everyone raves about their products. 😛 Thanks! xx

  2. I’ve never used this before, but I know my roommate does! Your review of it reminds me of the elf shimmering facial whip, where it’s hard to blend evenly into your foundation. Sometimes I find with those things, it’s just easier to apply it to your face before foundation for a more subtle glow or just mix it into your foundation ahead of time for an all over type of glow. I usually just go with a powder highlight though, because I don’t really like it when products are kind of fussy.

    1. Thanks for your tips, I’ll give them a go. I know what you mean, sometimes fussy products aren’t worth it! Think I’ll head back to a powder highlight.

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