Week Motivation- Try Something New

Week Motivation- Try Something New

Hi everyone, this week has really flown by for me. My graduation dress arrived the other day and it is absolutely hideous on me, it just fits terribly. What was I thinking I can’t wear full poofy skirts with my hips! Anyway back to shops I go this coming week.

Here’s my Sunday Motivation…

I think sometimes we become a bit complacent which gets us in a routine of life. If you know me, new situations freak me out, of which on occasion I have tried to avoid. The last few months my confidence has been growing and I did something today I was anxious to try, which in retrospect was silly! I joined a bloggers’ chat on Twitter, everyone was very lovely and welcoming, I will definitely be joining another one. I learnt a lot of tips for blogging and I met some new people, it was really fun. I’m even contemplating joining another one happening tonight.

Twitter- MAHALA

I challenge you all this week to try something you’ve wanted to do, but feel to anxious to try. You never know you might actually like it and do it again and again!

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Hope you all have wonderful week! Let me know if you took up my challenge!- Be sure to comment to let me know.

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19 thoughts on “Week Motivation- Try Something New

    1. Thank you. Wow, that’s great! What is your course in? I’ve changed my career route from Psychology to Creative Writing so I’m in a similar boat to you 🙂

      1. I’m going from working in an office doing admin/sales/marketing (I decided that I hate desk jobs) to doing Beauty Therapy and working as a freelance makeup artist on the side 🙂 x I’m really nervous to leave the comfort of my job, but it’s pointless to stay in a job you’re not happy in 🙂

      2. That’s great, I’d love to do Beauty Therapy. I totally agree life is too short to do something you aren’t happy doing! I wish you the best of luck with your new start 🙂

      3. Thanks! At uni I just finished a four year course and felt that it’s not for me anymore as my blog has made me really passionate about writing, so doing a masters in a completely different area!

      4. I wanted to go into beauty journalism too, but I live no where near London so it would be hard for me to have a good career, I think I’ll stick to reading it! 😀

      5. No not really, I used to live near London growing up and I’ll be moving with my fiancé. I moved away from home four years ago to Plymouth so I’m like a grown up now, even though I don’t feel like it!

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