NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder | Review

NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder | Review

After spending what sometimes feels like half a day applying my makeup, I like to add a product which holds the look in place. I have been using the Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray (£5) which is OK, although I feel like there could be better products out there. If you checked out my NYX Haul post you’ll know I picked up the HD Studio Finishing Powder (£8) in the shade transparent, after playing around with it for a while here is my review…

The first day I tried this powder by baking my face, I loved it. For those new to this technique it is when you apply powder to areas for five-ten minutes causing the heat of your face to in a way bake to your face, making it less likely to slide with wear. You then brush the excess off leaving you with an airbrushed finish. It was super hot out so the technique really kept the foundation in place and soaked up any sweat or oil. I felt that it made me look really polished.

Now that the weather has started to turn cooler I’ve fallen out of love with this product. I find that as I’m not getting oily enough that the transparent colour doesn’t absorb into the foundation, making me look like I’ve been snorting something… I googled why this was happening and to my surprise I’m not alone! It’s a common problem for celebrities as the mineral silica which is in finishing powders causes the light from cameras to bounce back and show the powder. Apparently, this happens if the powder is applied too liberally or isn’t blended properly. I don’t know if it’s because I’m pale, but I’ve tried blending it really well and applying less and I still look like a makeup disaster even without the flash!- Although not as bad as the images I’ve been seeing on the internet.

I think a coloured powder might be a better option to avoid looking like Angelina or Miley. Around 3 hours after application I felt that the product clung to my pores emphasising them on my forehead and cheeks.

This powder is so incredibly messy, no matter what brush or sponge I applied it with there was tonnes of fall out. Even opening up the pot, product flies out everywhere, getting all over my clothes.

I’ve really been questioning what makeup I should use for my graduation coming up in two weeks. I definitely know I will not be using this product as it will only be effective if I’m getting a mega sweat on! Oh and I don’t want to look like a coke whore in my graduation pictures! I think this will be perfect if you have quite oily skin, it just isn’t great for me as my skin is normal/dry. Will I use it again?- Yes, I think this would be perfect to use when clubbing as all that dancing and crowded space really makes me sweat. I often look at my face in the mirror after being out for a few hours and cringe over the state of my makeup! For day to day looks I’ll stick with the Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray.

Have you tried this product out, is it a good fit for you? Do you have any suggestions for Products I had to buy Again- MAHALAmy graduation makeup?- Be sure to comment to let me know!

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