Self L♥︎ve

Self L♥︎ve

Hey everyone, last week hilariously I didn’t feel motivated to write my weekly motivational quote. I tried several times, but nothing came across right and I didn’t feel like posting anything. I say around a third of the posts I write don’t actually make the cut, so there’s a few reviews and stories which have been abandoned although they might pop up at some point.

Today I’m going to talk about something which at times I have struggled with, body positivity or as I like to refer to it as self love. We all have aspects of ourselves which we would like to change, I know I always have felt this way. The last few years I have found body acceptance to be a big part in me becoming more confident and out going. Learning that aspects which are different makes us unique, so don’t let what other’s say about you bring you down. When I dyed my hair blue, my mother vocalised her hate for it (often), strangers came up to me and told me they loved it whilst others kept their opinions to themselves. I loved having different hair and I’m happy I didn’t let other people’s opinions about beauty standards stop me from experimenting.

No matter what you look like people will always have an opinion, whether it be about your weight, hair colour or your makeup. So be happy in yourself as you are beautiful and you don’t have to change to conform to people’s ideals!

Here’s an amazing quote from the inspirational Ashley Graham…

Ashley Graham Quote- MAHALA



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    1. Thanks so much, it definitely is and honestly I didn’t have much self love today and your comment reminded me to do so. Thank you!! I’d love to check out your blog! x

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