Invisibobble Dupe

Invisibobble Dupe

I have curly hair which I’m always trying to tame, I find that normal elastic hair bands tangle my hair and snag it. Oh and don’t forget the delightful kink you get from wearing your hair in a pony tail. I’d read about Invisibobble being better for the hair, reducing the incidence of all these problems I experience with generic hair bands. I’d looked everywhere for these in Plymouth, without any luck.We really are the last to get beauty crazes! Then when I was back in Hertfordshire visiting family I found a dupe of the Invisibobble in Primark.

Based on the design of a phone cable these plastic bands secure the hair well without pulling too tightly. I do on occasion experience some snagging, although not as frequently as I have with other hair accessories. I picked up a pack of five for I think £1.50, which is great as I’ve already lost one.- Classic me!

After a while they do stretch to be quite large, I find they will shrink in size after wear although they don’t go back to their original state. This just means you have to wrap it around your hair more. This is the only downside I have experienced with this product. I don’t know if the Invisibobble has a similar problem?

The last month I have been inseparable from these hair ties, I think they are super cute and comfortable. I can’t say what they are like compared to the real Invisibobble, although I am pretty happy with these incredibly cheap hair accessories.

Have you tried the real Invisibobble?- Be sure to leave a comment to let me know!



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