Birthday Edition Re-release | Kylie Cosmetics

If like me you weren’t able to get your hands on the Kylie Cosmetics’ Birthday Edition at the beginning of the month, you are in luck as there will be a one off re-release tomorrow (Wednesday 31st) at 3pm PST.

Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Edition- MAHALA

Don’t get your hopes up though as it appears that you can only purchase the Bundle which is a whopping $195! You do get A LOT of makeup with this Bundle, although if you are like me there a few products in there which I am less than thrilled about. Oh and the fact I’m a poor student is also a factor why I’ll be giving it a miss!

For separates you can only purchase the Mini Mattes and the Crème Eyeshadows. That means there won’t be items like the Leo Lip Kit and Poppin’ gloss for sale individually. As you can imagine thousands of fans are hitting social media begging for the products to be sold separately.

Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Bundle- MAHALA

There is no knowing whether there will be enough for everyone who wants get these products. If you do want to get your hands on them, here are my tips to getting the Kylie products when they release…

Know what you want before launch. A couple of times I couldn’t make up my mind on what Lip Kit I wanted, by the time I made my decision every Lip Kit I had even considered was sold out!

-Have your information already saved: autofill or set up an account with the site prior to buying.

-Be on the site ten minutes before release & refresh when it’s launch time.

Try on different devices. I am normally on four different devices, as the line system is totally broken. On occasion the last device that gets into the queue system is actually the one which gets through to check out!

Are you going to try your luck with any of these products? What do you think of Kylie Cosmetics?- Be sure to leave a comment to let me know.

*Disclaimer- I do not own the rights to the photos in this post.



8 thoughts on “Birthday Edition Re-release | Kylie Cosmetics

  1. Some of the products are good but i feel like they are pretty much overhyped at this point.. The packaging is nice if you want something pretty to display though.

  2. Her line is so overhyped by now. I don’t find it cool that she’s overpricing her products for what they are. Many youtubers reviewed her stuff and if you look deep enough the quality is not on par with the pricing. Also only selling the bundle which is almost two hundred dollars seems like she’s forcing people to spend over their assigned budget on things that they don’t necessarily want. She’s banking on naive young women who are just trying to live up to her standard of beauty when in reality she has a constant glam squad backing her looks.
    Sorry about the long rant but I’ve read so much about how this brand is pure extortion. Anyway good job with the post and keep up the good work. X

    1. Haha don’t apologise for the rant, I love it when my readers have an opinion! I totally agree, only having the expensive option of the bundle is out of order, I often get comments from girls who have saved up and then can’t afford the customs charge in the UK, as the products are way out of their price range. X

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