NYX Haul & Blog Update

NYX just came to my nearest Boots last Sunday, I hit the shop on Wednesday to find it absolutely surrounded by makeup lovers. Most of the Lingerie Collection was sold out, much to my dismay and samples were already practically empty. After probably half an hour of swatching and running backwards and forwards deliberating what was a must I ended up with these bits…

NYX Haul- MAHALAFull reviews to come!

Over the last week I’ve been changing my blog slowly, it has taken absolutely ages! I wanted something a bit more coherent throughout as I’ve had a few different styles over the last five months.-Can’t believe I’ve been blogging that long! A big thanks to my boyfriend who did the graphics etc, as if it was up to me we’d be looking at a very primitive site! Technology is definitely something I’ll be leaving to him, I barely know how to use my iPhone.

I would really love it if you could follow me on my social media platforms as I’m pretty lonely over on them, especially on Facebook!! It would make my day if you could click and support me, then I’d be able to see what my readers are up to. You’ll also be the first to know about future giveaways!

Have you tried any of these NYX products? Or do you have any recommendations?- Be sure to comment to let me know!



14 thoughts on “NYX Haul & Blog Update

  1. I *love* NYX! I would suggest the soft matte lip creams, the Angel Veil primer, the HD concealer, the wonder pencil, their eyeshadow crayons, and all of their lip liners!

  2. Excited to see your future thoughts on the Sculpt and Highlight Duo! Also, if you’re a palette person, I recommend trying out the Avant Pop palettes if the opportunity arises (or really any of their shadows – they’ve got good singles too)!

    1. I will put a review up soon. 🙂 I’ll have to check those out, I haven’t heard of them before. I’m just slowly getting into palettes, so they are pretty new to me still!

  3. Omg I looooove NYX!! Although I recently bought a lingerie online without swatching the colour myself (even though I looked at pics online) and it arrived waaaay darker than the nude pink I was expecting so just be warned if you order Push Up hehe. I really want to read your liquid illuminator review when you get round to it- I’ve actually bought that product but no idea how to make it work for me so I can’t tell if it’s the product or me using it badly! xo

    1. Hi thanks for reading! I just bought the lipstick Push Up literally an hour ago, what are the chances?! I think the problem with images on the internet is that some people enhance the image with a filter or don’t use natural light, so when you come to try it yourself it’s totally different. I’m still playing around with the illuminator as I’m more of powder highlighter fan so still need to use it a bit more for a full opinion. Although I think it’s a bit tricky to use 😛 Full review soon, I promise! xx

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