POREfessional Primer | Review

POREfessional Primer | Review

POREfessional- MAHALAThe first time I used the POREfessional Primer (£24.50) from Benefit I was a bit disappointed, I felt my pores looked huge (not what I was going for). I thought it was the Double Wear Foundation which gave me the terrible complexion as it really didn’t sit well on my skin no matter how I primed my face. I always felt that I had oily skin, although this really doesn’t seem to be accurate as when I put on this primer my foundation doesn’t look the best, clearly I don’t know my own skin type! After a few more attempts I have finally come up with the best routine for my skin which is a bit dry but becomes oily throughout the day.

When I use this primer I like to apply a moisturiser or a moisturising primer on first, Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm is my current favourite. Then I put tiny amounts (about a pea size in total) on areas where I have large pores; so my nose, cheeks and forehead. For perfect makeup application I make sure each layer on my face is completely dry before adding the next, this reduces the occurrence of patchiness and streakage.

POREfessional- MAHALA

This method is woking fantastically. My makeup doesn’t shift, my boyfriend even commented on how good my foundation looked! My foundation/concealer coverage normally fades through the day exposing my red cheeks, but this doesn’t happen. Even when I got a bit sweaty the other night in a packed restaurant the other night, I didn’t get the dreaded shiny face.

I have finally found something that has made my skin look flawless, which is what every girl needs in her life! I recommend that if you have a drier skin type to avoid this primer or use my method.

Have you tried this primer? Do you have any Benefit favourites you would recommend?- Be sure to leave a comment to let me know!



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