Motivation- Happiness is the Best Revenge

Hi everyone, I’ve had a really peaceful weekend, catching up with TV and relaxing. Hope you have had a great weekend whether you were having  a PJ day or you were super busy.

I’ve seen a lot of hate on social media the past week, which is really disappointing. I’ve always known their was such negativity, although I’d never seen so much in such a short space of time. On the beauty app Veleza and Twitter I came across public posts containing abusive language and body shaming, which was really uncalled for. People were posting on wedding pictures saying the bride will be dead in a year due to her health. Adults left insults on pictures of children, CHILDREN?! On what is meant to be a peaceful page on Facebook, “Love What Matters” grandmothers are accusing all transgenders of being peadophiles.-What is going on in these people’s lives that they feel like they should insult and discriminate like this? I hate that the internet allows people like this a platform to put their crazy views about.

I luckily haven’t experienced much in the way of negative comments on social media, although I’ve had a few girls getting annoyed that I didn’t get charged a custom fee on my Kylie Lip Kits where as they did.-Cause I have powers that control the UK post office, obviously?!

Anyway I just feel that sometimes we forget that behind a post there is a real person, that negativity might effect others more deeply than some. Instead of tearing each other down, lets empower each other. So instead of hitting back and stooping to their hateful level of negativity, the best type of revenge is to be happy.

Here’s my quote for the week…




One thought on “Motivation- Happiness is the Best Revenge

  1. Fantastic reminder – it’s better to be kind than horrid, it actually gets you no where. Personally I don’t understand why people are so mean, they only show their true colours.
    Keep posting these great inspirational thoughts x

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