A Grade is Just a Grade

This is just a quick post for those who are receiving some important A-level results today.

Four years ago today I opened up my results and was so incredibly happy, at least I thought I was. I honestly only remember this day three years ago (a year after my results), when I met my now fiancé for the first time. The whole point of this story is that yes, results are important and yes, you should try your hardest. But, they only mean so much.After all it is only grade, it doesn’t define you.

There will be more important days in your life which will shape your life more. So if you find yourself disappointed in your results like I was with my degree a few months ago, don’t be too down by it all there are other things in your life which are more important. I know it doesn’t seem that way now, but it will in time.

Have an amazing time celebrating the end of school and the start of a new chapter!

I’ll just leave with this quote which I think is really an eye opener…

A-level Results Motivational Quote



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