Hey everyone! I’d just like to say thank you for all the love I am getting on my blog at the moment, it really means a lot as I am a bit down with life. Every like, follow and comment from you lovely people makes me feel good about writing which is amazing as I sometimes doubt myself and my abilities. So thank you! Anyway here’s today’s post…

Moving on from my last post, which was on tips on how to use what you’ve got when you’ve run out of makeup or you need to change up your look. This post is about what you should do when you’ve got some cash to play with or you are going to spend those well earned loyalty points.

Budget Makeup

Here are my tips…

-Look at what you own, do you need to replace some bits? Prioritise your purchases. Makeup Revolution

-Check out the cheaper brands which have some good quality products like; Makeup Revolution, MUA and Essence.

-If you are going to try something new, check out some reviews to see if it worth your time and money.

-Check out deals on the internet before going shopping. One shop might have a BOGOF deal which you would be kicking yourself if you missed it!

-When in the store swatch! Does that shade of lipstick suit your skin tone? Does the eyeliner smudge once it’s been on two minutes on your hand?

By using these tips you might avoid getting a dud product, which every makeup addict hopes to avoid. Not all budget brands are amazing so I would definitely check out some reviews if you haven’t really heard anything about them before. I would definitely recommend avoiding Binky London, as their products are terrible!

Have you got any makeup buying tips for broke makeup addicts? Leave a comment to let me know as I will be compiling all your tips into a post at the end of my Tips from a Broke Makeup Addict series.

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