My Nude Collection

My Nude Collection

I love a good nude, a nude lipstick!-Get your mind out of the gutter. They are great for day to day simple looks and are the perfect pairing with a dramatic eye look. Over the last six months I’ve picked up a few nudes ranging from very affordable to more high end. So here they are…


Exposed | Candy K | Literally | 01 | You’re a Star | Charleston

Exposed- Kylie Cosmetics ($29/ £22)

Right after application this liquid lipstick has an orange tone which soon fades when dry. It’s lightweight formula makes it easy and comfortable to wear.

Candy K- Kylie Cosmetics ($29/ £22)

This is my go to lipstick. This nude is incredibly pigmented like all of the products from Kylie Cosmetics. Out of all the Kylie Lip Kits I own, this in my opinion lasts the longest. For a less dramatic look sometimes I’ll just wear the creamy lip liner all over my lips.

Literally- Kylie Cosmetics ($15/ £11.50)

This is my only nude gloss, it’s a beautiful long lasting shade with a hint of peach. The formula is moisturising and supposedly plumps your lips for the classic ‘Kyle lip’, I already have pretty big Kylie lips as it is so I’m unsure if the gloss actually makes them larger. The product is really shinny, fading into a more of a creamy pigmented lipstick as the day goes on.

01- KIKO Milano (£6.90)

This is my first ever nude, it really sold me on the whole shade as I thought it wouldn’t suite me as I’m incredibly pale. This is a super soft matte nude, which can be built up for different levels of pigmentation. I really like the metal tube and how the lid is magnetically held, just something a bit different to the norm.

You’re a Star- Makeup Revolution (£2.49)

This nude has a beautiful pastel pink undertone, it’s very soft on the lips although it’s not too pigmented. This one fades after a few hours, although it does this subtly so doesn’t look too absurd and patchy throughout the day. I wear this when I know I won’t be able to reapply or check my makeup as I know I’ll fade somewhat gracefully.

Charleston- Collection (£3.99)

This one is my least favourite, it just transfers the colour way too quickly. The upside is that it’s a nice darker nude which is incredibly moisturise leaving the lips super soft. It’s more of creme sheen lipstick than a matte one.

What nude lipstick would you recommend I add to my collection?- Be sure to comment to let me know!



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