Lush Shower Jelly

Lush Shower Jelly

I picked this up a while ago from Lush and thought the sound of a Shower Jelly (£3.95) was both hilarious and intriguing. I picked up Whoosh, being the less pungent of the shower jellies available. The zingy fragrance is a combination of seaweed, citrus, rosemary and geranium juices; being typically shower gel smelling.


The jelly makes a good but not too frothy lather, cleaning the body really well. It definitely makes washing a lot of fun. I’ve been using it for a week now and it hasn’t worn down too much, so I think it will last me a while. It says on the tub it can be used to wash the hair, I added a slight amount to my hair and as I’m quite particular I continued with my hair routine. So I’m uncertain if it is good as a shampoo… Has anyone tried it?

image Lush also suggests freezing the jelly or putting it in the fridge, I reckon this would be great on a scorching hot day. I already have coolish showers as it helps keep my dyed hair colour more vibrant, prevents split ends and makes it shiny. I think washing with a frozen jelly in cold water would push me over the edge of comfort!

I’d love to know if you have tried the Shower Jelly frozen or cold, leave a comment to let me know!



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  1. I love the shower jellies from Lush, although they can get very slippy and I end up dropping them and not being able to pick them up- which is why they suggest freezing it, so it’s easier to use! Love them though! 🙂 x

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