Week Motivation- Making Opportunities

Hey everyone!

The last seven months I have been telling myself this is my year, a year where anything is possible and that I can succeed. If you’ve seen the TV show The Middle, you’ll know what I mean. This thought helped me start my blog back in February, something I had wanted to do for years, but was always scared of what other people would think, so always put it off. Then I though if I don’t actually do things, I won’t get anywhere in life; potentially missing out on opportunities.

Occasionally, I feel this level of self belief and positivity fades, mostly on Sunday evenings as I hate Mondays.Cliche I know!

I always dread Monday’s, it’s the start of the working week and there’s often something that needs to be completed. I’ve come up with the idea to post a motivational quote to get me ready for the week. In turn maybe boosting the positivity of some of my readers.I hope!




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