Binky London | Review

Binky London | Review

Heard of Binky London? Me neither until my mum introduced me to the budget brand a month ago. You’ll probably recognise the cosmetics’ designer Made in Chelsea’s Binky Felstead, who is totally fabulous and my favourite from the show when I used to watch it years ago. As Binky is pretty stylish and glamorous, I was expecting luxurious makeup. Well I was wrong… The range is super purse friendly.

Binky London is sold in the Coop which if you don’t know what that is, it’s an English supermarket chain. There was a teenie tiny stand hidden up top of a shelf, being 5ft4in I found it incredibly hard to choose some pieces, in the end jumping up to grab a handful of makeup. Oh and I failed to mention that most of the staff is from my school year, who I haven’t seen for five years.-Cringe!

The first thing I noticed about the makeup is that the packaging is a bit naff and really lightweight. I can see what Binky was going for, it just isn’t executed very well.

The Volume Mascara (£6) with thickening effect has a a bristle brush which makes the lashes incredibly long and delicate. My mum loves this look, whereas I prefer a more thick clumpy lash look which resembles more of a false lash. It’s ok for a day look, but I prefer more of a dramatic lash for night. Is it worth the price?-Nope, there are way better budget mascaras out there.

I also picked up the Smooth Coverage Lip Colour (£3) in the shade Merlot which contains vitamin E, leaving the lips soft and smooth after wear.-The only pro of this lipstick! The application is uneven and patchy, giving terrible coverage. The formula is really silky causing the lipstick to slip around off the lips. I think no amount of lip pencil could prevent this. After half an hour the lipstick looked absolutely dreadful, looking really uneven and like I’d applied it blindfolded. (I won’t add a photo as it is so gross!)  I’m so happy I didn’t put it on to go out, as I would have been so embarrassed! After removal of the product it left my lips incredibly stained. This really is the worst lipstick I have ever tried.

I’m really disappointed by the quality of Binky London’s products and I would recommend not wasting your time with this brand. I did a bit of snooping on Binky’s Instagram and I haven’t seen any promotion for her makeup, with only 5,019 followers for the brand on Instagram it’s clear Binky isn’t wearing her makeup, having little or no faith in her brand!

Thanks for reading. Have your tried out any Binky London products, have you had a better experience?- Be sure to comment to let me know!



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