I’m a massive fan of the Kylie Lip Kit, so I’ve been waiting (not so patiently) for the next products to hit social media by Kylie. I’ve got to say I’m surprisingly underwhelmed by the announcement of her Kyshadow palette in Bronze, which will be released today (26th July) at 3pm PST.


I really am not a fan of the packaging, it’s just a generic sort of cardboard palette. I doubt that the eyeshadows will make it over to me in England without getting broken and ruined. Another thing I hadn’t realised, but my boyfriend (I drag him into my makeup world!) hilariously pointed out there’s no mirror, which would have been a nice addition. I do however, like how the drips on the outside coordinate with the colours of the eyeshadow.

For the actual colours, I think they are alright but I already own similar colours for a fraction of the cost! The price of this palette is still unknown, with some media moguls guessing it will go for around $45, I’m thinking more on the lines of around $30ish.

Will I be getting this palette?- No, I don’t think it is anything special in terms of packaging and eyeshadow colours. Ultimately, in my mind it’s not worth the shipping and customs charge.
What do you think of this palette?- Comment to let me know!




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