YSL Touche Éclat | Review

YSL Touche Éclat | Review

After my disastrous experience with Estēe Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation (£31) I went on the hunt for something that didn’t look so patchy and uneven. After all if the foundation is wrong the whole makeup look will be wrong, as foundation is the base to any look. I’d always been under the impression that I had oily skin, although after talking to people here on my blog, Instagram and even in store at Estēe Lauder I must not have oily enough skin for the foundation to sit properly.


My new favourite foundation is Touche Éclat Le Teint (£32.50) from Yves Saint Laurent. The packaging is absolutely beautiful, having a push down top so just the right amount comes out, unlike the Double Wear which just oozed out.

The Touché Ēclat spreads evenly onto the skin, as it’s quite thin in consistency. Coverage can easily be built up with this foundation, leaving the skin feeling quite fresh and radiant due to it’s light reflecting formula.


Unlike some foundations which leave the skin dry and dull after removal, this one has made my skin feel nourished and soft. Whilst on, it doesn’t dry fully matte so it looks more natural and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. I absolutely love this foundation!

I’ve been matched to my neck, although apparently a lot of people have been wanting to have their face darker than the rest of their body for the summer months. Hmmm… Don’t think this is really a look I’d want to try!

Have you tried this foundation, what do you think? What’s your favourite foundation at the minute?- Be sure to comment to let me know!



12 thoughts on “YSL Touche Éclat | Review

  1. Such a shame to hear you didn’t like the Double Wear, it’s a favourite of mine but I must say it isn’t too forgiving on dry patches! The YSL foundation sounds lovely though, I’m a massive fan of the touché clat so I definitely want to give the foundation a try! Great post!x

    1. Thanks for reading! I know, feel like I should have looked at more reviews! I got the Touché Eclat concealer as well and it is amazing! Both products look pretty and feel great on the skin. x

      1. I think because it works so well in many different ways the clinging situation gets forgotten about, I’m certainly guilty of mentioning its ability to cling to dry patches x

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