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  1. I wrote a post about this a while back and it’s so frustrating see people buy fakes, however, I fell into that trap this week. Bought a so cute lip gloss off eBay, due to the fact I was impatient and didn’t want to wait for it to come from the US. I contacted the seller (I paid £18 for it and the listing was very believable) and asked if it was genuine before I bought it and they said yes. Luckily I’m getting a refund, however, others a not so lucky! I didn’t even try the fake as you never know what’s gone into them! Sorry, rant over! Love this post! 😍

    • Thank you! I remember reading your post a while back 🙂 I think it sucks that people actually lie. You’re so lucky you’re getting a refund! Does the product look like the real deal?

      • You’re welcome! It’s not even close to the real deal, it was exactly what I expected a fake one to be! I was so disappointed 🙁

      • That’s so sad! You should do a blog post about it, I’m sure there are so many people getting scammed.

  2. Totally bought fake ABH glow kits, I didn’t think they were fake at first because I did some investigating and it all seemed to turn out correctly. But then ABH released another one I bought from their website and could 100% tell right away the quality of the product verses the fake was so different!

    • Oh no that sucks! I’ve really wanted to get one of the glow kits. Makes me think I wouldn’t even know some products were a fake unless I had the real deal to compare it to!


  1. […] they received a fake. There are a lot of reasons why a fake isn’t worth your time, of which I have already discussed previously. The main point is that the fake may contain harmful and unsanitary ingredients which could be […]

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