What’s the Harm in a Fake?

With there being soooo many beauty must haves, some people jump on to the scene by producing fakes. Often people buy these fakes believing they are the real deal wasting their money on a substandard product. However, there are some people out there who actually want the fakes as a.) they can’t afford the real deal or b.) can’t get hold of the real product, so settle. I don’t settle when it comes to my face and neither should you!

But, what’s wrong with buying a fake?

-The fake will not be as good as the real deal. The longevity, formula and pigmentation won’t be as good. Meaning you won’t look as good!

-It could contain harmful ingredients which haven’t been approved for use.

-It hasn’t had the same quality control and safety tests, the real product would have had.

-The product may have been tested on animals, whereas the original (real version) may not have been.

FAKE- Missing “Kylie” on the lipstick & box, as well as wrong font on the box.

How do you spot a fake?

-Ask yourself is this amazing deal from a reputable seller?

-Beware of the sellers who claim to be the only ones out there who sell this product as they got it in bulk. Lies, lies lies!

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 20.19.07
FAKE- Singles of colours which haven’t been released as a product to purchase by Kylie Cosmetics.

-Are the pictures clear? Does the product look like the real deal? The product will often look similar, but have a slight difference such as a different font or a missing logo.

-Is the price similar/same as the real deal? I saw a Kylie Lip Kit going for £3.99 on Ebay, definitely a fake!

Does the real company even sell the product? I’ve seen sellers on Ebay selling singles of Kourt K, which if you are a fan you will know is not an option to buy from Kylie Cosmetics.



Have you been fooled into buying a fake? Where did you get this fake from?- Leave a comment to let me know!

*Disclaimer- I do not own the rights to the photos of the FAKES.



7 thoughts on “What’s the Harm in a Fake?

  1. I wrote a post about this a while back and it’s so frustrating see people buy fakes, however, I fell into that trap this week. Bought a so cute lip gloss off eBay, due to the fact I was impatient and didn’t want to wait for it to come from the US. I contacted the seller (I paid £18 for it and the listing was very believable) and asked if it was genuine before I bought it and they said yes. Luckily I’m getting a refund, however, others a not so lucky! I didn’t even try the fake as you never know what’s gone into them! Sorry, rant over! Love this post! 😍

    1. Thank you! I remember reading your post a while back 🙂 I think it sucks that people actually lie. You’re so lucky you’re getting a refund! Does the product look like the real deal?

      1. You’re welcome! It’s not even close to the real deal, it was exactly what I expected a fake one to be! I was so disappointed 🙁

  2. Totally bought fake ABH glow kits, I didn’t think they were fake at first because I did some investigating and it all seemed to turn out correctly. But then ABH released another one I bought from their website and could 100% tell right away the quality of the product verses the fake was so different!

    1. Oh no that sucks! I’ve really wanted to get one of the glow kits. Makes me think I wouldn’t even know some products were a fake unless I had the real deal to compare it to!

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