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    • They are good! I’ve done posts about most of the products I’ve mentioned 🙂 The foundation is meant to be amazing, it just didn’t work for me.

  1. This foundation was an absolute nightmare for me! I broke out so bad (I don’t have acne at all, just an occasional breakout) and it took me almost a month to get it cleared up!

    • Oh no, that’s terrible! I’d heard so many good reviews, shows beauty products don’t work for everyone! 🙁 What foundation do you use now?

      • I use Kat Von D lock it for full coverage, but on normal days I use the true match lumi or true match lumi cushion foundation!

      • It’s nice for everyday, light coverage, it’s build able. The only thing I hate is its gone so fast! I went through it in a month

      • Sounds good, shame it’s not got that much in it. I’m going to go check it out tomorrow as I’m currently foundationless! :p

  2. This was terrible for me too. I tried different primers with it too and it just wasn’t working for me, gave up. I’m currently using either Make up forever HD or Charlotte Tilbury Magic foundation. I’ve been on such a huge search for foundation, tried a lot and wasted a lot of money lol. But finally those two are my favourite! 😊

    • I’ll have to give those a look!-Thanks for the recommendations. It’s frustrating as foundation is such a crucial part of the makeup look and this was so expensive!


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