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I’ve been watching Carli Bybel on YouTube on/off for a few years now, not because I fall out of love with her content, purely just because I’m not a big YouTube watcher. I love her style and cheery personality. I’ve learnt a lot of makeup skills from Carli, without her I’d probably look like a total toe! When I heard she now has a collection with Missguided I was so excited to check it out.

Carli has released a video over on her channel all about her collection, but it’s a whopping 35 mins long! Here’s a run down of what I took from the video…

Carli’s pastel collection is made up of fifty figure hugging, glam pieces including fabrics like lace, crochet, fish net and satin. They will be available to buy from Missguided on July 19th, later than originally anticipated. The collection will be available worldwide, I only have US prices as this is what has been released by Carli Bybel so far.

You can get the Satin Bomber ($50) and Satin Dress ($32) in rose gold and mint. The bombers differ slightly with the rose gold one having criss cross detail going up the arms. Lingerie dresses like this are a definite must for celebrities at the moment, not just for night look as Kim Kardashian has been wearing a black lingerie dress for the day. I’m not sure if I have the confidence to wear something like this for the day or even if I’d want to in rainy old England! One slight down pour and everything will be on show to the world, think I’ll give this a miss!


Mint Satin Bomber ($50) and Ribbed Square Neck Bodycon Dress ($24)  which comes in mint and rose gold. This is one of the more casual looks from the collection.


This Faux Suede Criss Cross Mini ($55) is a favourite of Carli’s, of which she looks amazing in.-Like she does in every piece in the collection!


I’m not too sure how I feel about this coral Lace Cut Out Dress ($95), the detail on the sides gives the appearance of a smaller waist giving you more of an hour glass figure. I think it’s just too busy for me.


This is one of the several matching separates in Carli’s collection, which isn’t a surprise as they are her go to outfits. This is the Embroidered Plunge Crop Top ($40) and Embroidered Wide Leg ($65). 


This floaty grey Pleated Silk Top Maxi Dress ($70), is summery and glamorous. Definitely more of an occasion dress, perfect for weddings.

The collection has been criticised for not having any “wearable” pieces, items which a girl can wear during the day. However, this isn’t what Carli was going for, she wanted a collection which she would wear and was a “bit extra”. The fact that sizes only go up to US 12/ UK 16 has also come under criticism for not including options for fuller figured girls.

I really like the midi body con skirt from the collection which is on Carli’s video, sadly I couldn’t find any pictures to include on this post. I think out of everything she has released they are probably something I would actually wear. Carli absolutely looks stunning in all these pieces, I just feel that they aren’t something I can actually wear as I’m not a Kardashian!


Top marks to Carli and Missguided for keeping the items at a reasonable price so it can fit most people’s budget; like the Carli Bybel Palette ($14.50) released by BH Cosmetics, which is absolutely stunning!- I really need to add it to my makeup collection!

What do you think of Carli Bybel’s collection with Missguided? What’s your favourite? Have you tried her palette? Let me know in the comments!

*Disclaimer- I do not own the rights for the images in this post.



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  1. I’ve been subscribed to her for a while, but haven’t actually watched the full video on her collection yet, so this was nice! I really like the satin bomber jackets, which sound pretty wearable to me!

  2. I don’t usually write down any reviews but “carli bybel silky belted wrap cami dress white” dress is way beyond the joke. It could be an amazing piece but material is so bad, poor quality and completely see through (worse than Primark stuff I would say). Because of the back of the dress you can’t really wear a normal bra with it. Because of the front of the dress you can’t really wear a backless bra. If you decide to wear it without a bra, remember that it is see through so you will show the world everything… Also, if you’re 170 cm or taller – this is definitely not for you.

    1. Such a shame about the quality of the dress, thanks for commenting as it lets everyone else know. Think I’ll be giving the collection a miss then!

  3. I bought the white dress with the sequence and Pearl details on it I tried it on and the sequence started to fall off the material was a heavy slightly stretchy Jersey material for $176 the sequence should not be literally falling off I am so disappointed with the quality of the dress

    1. Oh no! That is so bad, I haven’t gotten anything from the line. You should definitely contact the company about the poor quality.

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