Hi everyone, hows your week been going? I’m starting to freak out a bit as I have an interview tomorrow, it’s not for anything big (not like a proper job). I’m just anxious, if you know me you’ll know I worry about silly things anyway. Oh well it’s what makes me me. Anyway here’s a little review for you all today…

I’ve always had lava lamps growing up as I was scared of the dark. The problem was that I’d be too mesmerised by the floating bubbles to actually go to sleep! Lush is currently my favourite shop at the moment as I’ve recently moved house and have an amazing bathroom, with yes a bath. Might sound silly to most to be excited over this but, I’m a student so accommodation is either just a shower or it’s way too dirty to use the bath. Yikes right?!

Whilst browsing I came across the Lava Lamp bath bomb (£4.25), a tangerine and extra virgin olive oil infused fizzer, claiming it uplifts and moisturises the skin. I’d forgotten actually what had gone into it so I went and checked out their website, where there was a video of the bomb in action. I’ve got to say that the advertising looks completely different to my experience!

The bomb fizzes quickly making an orange foamy water, the purple orbs inside the bomb stay whole, melting slowly. In the shop I was told that the purple was going to look like lava bubbles, it so did not! It looked more like when you have a bit of sock fluff come off in the water, gross right? It was kind of disappointing as the hype of it was sort of built up by the staff in the shop.

The upside is that it did smell amazing and made me feel refreshed and soft. Would I buy it again? Hmmm… I like the smell so maybe, but definitely not for the supposed gimmick.

Have you tried this bath bomb and got better results? If you have any Lush bath bomb recommendations leave a comment!