Budget vs High End | Brows

Budget vs High End | Brows

With there being beauty products in almost every store you head into, it can be a hard decision to know whether going budget is actually worth while. I absolutely love a bargain, it means I have more money to spend on more makeup!

I’ve always had pretty big brows, I’ve never let anyone but myself touch them as I’m not a fan of the skinny brow look. I’m happy I’ve always stuck with my guns and avoided threading and waxing; as now big, dramatic brows are an absolutely must. To maintain the shape I pluck and trim the hairs regularly, as I don’t want cave man eyebrows. My sister says I have scary eyebrows as I have quite a natural arch on them, got to love sisters! I think it’s important to not alter the natural shape of your eyebrow as maintenance is so important and you don’t want to go overboard every time with the upkeep.-Who has time for that?!


I’ve got quite dark brown hair, so naturally my brows are rather dark but I fill them in slightly. Recently, I’ve been comparing Benefit’s Goof Proof Brow Pencil (full size £18.50), which I got a free sample product with Elle magazine (main reason why I bought it) and a Brow Pencil from Primark (£1).



I came across this PS Eyebrow Pencil from Primark in a dark brown for the amazing price of £1. On one side is the pencil which you apply onto the eyebrow, I draw around four or five curved lines going up and use the other side of the pencil, the brush to blend in the product. The product is easy to use and blends quite quickly into the brow with the brush. My only problem with this product is that the brush is quite scratchy and sharp.



I really love having beautifully packaged products, of which I have been disappointed in the past with Benefit with the packaging of my Frisky Six Set which was a bit naff. I’m really surprised at the packaging of this product, I’ve not come across such a jazzy little eyebrow pencil. This mechanical pencil was incredibly easy to use and looked amazing on! I was worried that it would go on too thick and dark however, it glided on softly and made a naturally defined brow without the need of brushing. It has a pointed end to define and a wide tip to fill in. No wonder 95% of women in survey said it was easy to fill and shape their brows.


I absolutely love the Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil, it is superior to that of the budget pencil and is very easy to apply giving a naturally defined brow. Which at times I have failed to achieve with the Primark eyebrow pencil, looking more like a Disney villain! I will definitely be buying the full sized version, when my mini runs out.

Do you have any fave brow products?-Be sure to let me know in the comments so I can check out your recommendation.



10 thoughts on “Budget vs High End | Brows

    1. Thanks for reading! I really do like it, I deffo recommend it. I don’t know if the Elle with the free sample is still on sale, it would be a cheaper way of trying it out to see how you feel about it.

      Is the gel any good? I thought about getting it, but didn’t get round to buying one.

      1. I’ve only tried it one day so far, but I’m planning on reviewing it soon once I’ve tried it a couple more times! It was good yesterday and help all the hairs that want to go in different directions in place so so far I’d say it’s good! Worth it for £4 (price of the magazine)! There’s a lot of product for your money.

      2. I’ll have to pop to shops to get one tomorrow.-Hope there are still some left, deffo need something to keep the hairs in place! I’ll keep an eye out for your review 🙂

      3. I believe there’s the benefit eyebrow filler (gimme brow?) with glamour magazine at the moment too (£2).it looks like it’s a smaller tester size than the brow setting gel with Marie Claire but it is pretty cheap! I might give that a go too even though I have pretty full brows!

  1. Great comparison and good to know! Have you tried Loreal brow products? I’ve talked about them a couple times on my blog and I love them! You should try the skinny brow pencil they have. I think you would like it.

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