My second post of the day, I’m not a roll… I’ve just got a bit of a backlog of posts as I’ve been without internet in my new house. Oh and been without a toilet so been running to my university every few hours! [cringe I know]- Don’t worry that’s all fixed now!

Every so often I have a break from makeup, it’s not the end of the relationship it’s just a break. (Makes me think of Rachel and Ross!) I do this as my skin needs to recuperate from the foundation application and removal, which can 1.) clog up pores, 2.) cause breakouts, 3.) make the skin dry.

At least once a week I will have a makeup free day, it’s normally when I’m just lounging around the house and every few weeks I have a block of makeup free days.

Ever since I’ve started having breaks my skin has been in better condition and I’ve had fewer breakouts which is everyone’s goal!

If you can’t bear to go makeup free that long, why not go foundation free. You’ll still look glamorous with the lip and eye makeup whilst letting your skin breathe. Or swap out thick liquid or cream foundations for mineral powders which are more beneficial for the skin.

Do you take makeup breaks? Do you have any tips for good skin?- Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

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