I’m a Normal Person 

Hi everyone, hope you’ve had a great weekend. I’ll have a post up soon about what I got up to, here’s a post of a rant I guess. I’m not angry, I’m more like what?! Really?

When I started my blog mid February this year I never thought here starting in July I’d be 6,000 views deep with some amazing followers. Predominantly my views are for posts on Kylie Cosmetics, with my experience with UK Customs being a top favourite.

I have gotten a few messages on different social media platforms as if it is my fault that a few months ago I did not receive a customs charge and that they have recently. A couple insinuating Kylie has sent me it, customs free! Well the customs charge is from the UK government, Kylie Cosmetics merely puts the worth of the product on the declaration form which I previously found they were lying about. This seems to now have  been dealt with, SO EXPECT A CUSTOMS CHARGE. Whilst others not realising that blogs contain old posts so things will change especially with new companies like Kylie Cosmetics. Lastly, that it’s only my experience with a product or company, it is not set in stone!

I’m not a makeup artist, celebrity or makeup guru. I am a 22 year old student up to her eyeballs in university related debt. I have no affiliation with Kylie Cosmetics or any Jenner or Kardashian, even though it appears a few of you out there may think I do. As much as I’d like to sadly this isn’t the case. I’m just a normal woman who blogs on a free site, of which I don’t receive any money from. Blogging is purely a hobby of mine. Hopefully, it will grow into something bigger in the future and I’ll have affiliations with such companies when I’m the next Huda Beauty!-Here’s to wishful thinking…
I am just a normal person and this is my blog. Welcome!

Any Bloggers, vloggers or YouTubers out there experiencing something similar?- I always love hearing your views! 



6 thoughts on “I’m a Normal Person 

    1. I’m heading into a masters too, what are you going to study? I don’t do YouTube, although I’m considering it. I’ll deffo go check out your channel 🙂 xxx

      1. Ah awesome! I’m going to be taking Digital Marketing, yourself? Woo that would be fab! Hope you like what you see xx

      2. That sounds cool, I’m going to be studying Creative Writing. I’ll check out your videos tonight, I’m sure their great 🙂 xx

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